Some Creative Hidden Camera Solution

Thanks for checking out my Blog this week! Camera 1 – Monitor Hidden Camera. We removed one of the speakers, and mounted the camera inside. It uses one of the existing holes on the monitor frame, so you can not notice anything from the outisde.Camera 2 – This one is favorite – Screw Hidden Camera. Not … Continue reading

Is The USA Behind In Electronic Technology

I just found this camera, manufactured in Europe, which allows you to go completely portable off of your 3G Network! Does Bolide make this? NO, I just thought it was cool! One BoxSupplied as a ‘one box’ solution: A complete PTZ camera,500Gb on-board DVR and 3G modem. PortabilityThe ultimate in portability – Operate a total monitoring … Continue reading

Las Vegas Bum Beats Blue Car!!

**Turn off your sound if your sensitive to Bad Language.  I would say a mixture of drugs, alcohol and dumbness pushed this Bum from Las Vegas to do something so crazy. My jaw just about dropped when I first saw this. I for one would have ran up and OVER the curb to get a … Continue reading