NEW 600TVL Camera Series

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Thanks for checking out my blog today. Bolide has some exciting products rolling out every month. I think we are about to plateau at the rate we’re moving… or maybe not. There is always something going on!
Introducing the 7K Series
  • IR 150ft
  • 600TVL(Color)
  • Day/Night
  • 0.01 Lux
  • Vari Focal (2.8-11)
  • Nice Design
  • WDR
  • OSD Menu
  • Dual Voltage (12-24)
(Lens Included!!)
I’m proud to have added these cameras to our line up. They come fully loaded and offer the perfect features for any project. 
I recently installed 2 of the domes and 2 of the bullets at my house and I’m thrilled with how well they are holding up.  The lines in the picture are very sharp and accurate. The colors seem enhanced and I believe it is due to the Sony Chip set these cameras were built with. 

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