Some Creative Hidden Camera Solution

Thanks for checking out my Blog this week! 
Camera 1 – Monitor Hidden Camera. We removed one of the speakers, and mounted the camera inside. It uses one of the existing holes on the monitor frame, so you can not notice anything from the outisde.


Camera 2 – This one is favorite – Screw Hidden Camera. Not the pre-made screw, but one from the wall, so it is exactly the same as all the other ones.


Camera 3 – Hidden Camera – Air Conditioning Unit. You can barely notice a very small hole if you look for it.


Camera 4 – Hidden Alarm Keypad Camera. It is a non functional alarm keypad from an old alarm, it still has the 2 batteries from the old keypad to power the green led.


Camera 5 – Hidden Emergency Exit Light Camera. The emergency light is functional. If you check the first picture (monitor), you will also see this camera in there, the one with name “LUZEMERG”

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What are some of your designs? 

Show me the good stuff! 

The more we share the better we get. 

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