Happy ThanksGiving!

In 1620, after an arduous and hostile journey, William Bradford of England and a group of Pilgrims landed in what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts in the New World. To give thanks for their voyage, in 1621, they sat down with a tribe of Indians and broke bread with them. In 1789, President George Washington declared … Continue reading

Compare Housings? I Think We May Have To!

Here are my results for the comparison between Bolide Tech and the competitor’s Weather Proof Housings. (Bolide) (Competitor) Bolide shows more bolts for tighter sealing. ————————————————– (Bolide)(Competitor) Notice the gap between foam and plastic.————————————————– (Bolide)(Competitor) Bolide offers a thick Rubber seal while the competitor peddles foam. Also notice the yellow glue around the glass window…poor … Continue reading

The "I Can Get That Camera for Half the Price" Comparison

“I’m tired of guessing, as an installer… I just don’t have time. I received a tip that there were a lot of different “Non Brand Name” products out there with the same specs and quality as the big guys. Most of the items were being sold for ½ the cost of what the other big … Continue reading

Yellow Bird 3D Visual

For a great interactive experience check out the “Yellow Bird” cam below. When will the Surveillance Industry bring this into the market? I could definitely mount one of these to my roof!

15 Sec of DUH!!